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It took us only 2 days to port our software from GPU to FPGA using just 2 API calls thanks to the layer-based command interface It beats the best
The popularity of JavaScript has led to a very vibrant ecosystem of technologies, frameworks, and libraries. Along with all the amazing diversity and energy in the ecosystem comes a high degree of confusion for many. What technologies should you care about? Where should you invest your time to get the most benefit?
tensorflow - Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning
A Chinese infosec researcher has reported about an "almost impossible to detect" phishing attack that can be used to trick even the most careful users on the Internet.
By John Roach, Writer, Microsoft Research A Microsoft Research team has created a competition using Project Malmo, a platform that uses Minecraft as a testing ground for advanced artificial intelligence research. The team is challenging PhD students to develop an AI that learns to collaborate with other randomly assigned players to achieve a high score ...
Post by: Assaf Dahan The investigation of a massive cyber espionage APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) became a game of one-upmanship between attackers and defenders. Dubbed Operation Cobalt Kitty, the APT targeted a global corporation based in Asia with the goal of stealing proprietary business information.